Bespoke wine tours for private and corporate groups

Bespoke Wine Tours for Private and Corporate Groups

Bespoke Wine Tours

Perhaps you are looking for something even more intimate than our small group tours. Maybe you would like to organise a trip just for your family, for you and your partner, or for another group. Or maybe you’d like to organise a larger group tour, for example, for your wine society, language class, or other social group. This is where our bespoke wine tours can help!

Whatever you might like, I am sure we can design the perfect trip for you… Please give us as much detail as you can with regard to possible destinations, group size, and suggested dates of travel. We will do our research and provide you with some suggested itineraries with pricing as soon as possible. You may like to modify one of our scheduled tours to fit your requirements.

Sorcha can’t be everywhere at once, no matter how hard she might try. We therefore have decided to now offers tours with other guides that we trust implicitly with our clients, and we are delighted to work with our friend Thanasis in Greece, and Lisa on the Amalfi Coast in Italy. We can offer bespoke tours in Greece on request, but are please to offer two scheduled tours for Autumn 2016. At the moment, the Amalfi Coast is only available on request.

Let us plan something special for your Corporate event.

Would you like to provide a unique experience for your clients, or perhaps for your top team, to reward your high performers? You may be thinking of arranging a motivational or team building adventure, or planning a professional CPD/educational trip. What could be better than an exclusive bespoke Wine Tour?

You might like to use one of our scheduled tours as an example, which we could modify to exactly fit your requirements. We can schedule winery visits around seminars and meetings, providing private meeting rooms as required, perhaps with a vineyard view!

Let us know your approximate dates and numbers, and we will design an experience that you and they will never forget!

For further information on our bespoke wine tours for private and corporate groups, then click on the button below.

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