Tour to Rioja, June 2015- Part 3- Roda %%

Tour to Rioja, June 2015- Part 3- Roda

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Bodegas Roda- Iconic Contemporary Riojan Winery- this is where it got emotional!

Truly. Moved. Humbled.

It is difficult to convey the emotions that stirred during our visit to this contemporary winery, the youngest in the Haro region of Rioja…

Founded in 1987 by Mario Rotillant Solá and Carmen Daurella De Aguilera and built over ancient cellars on the banks of the River Ebro, this modern yet magical winery provides an interesting contrast with the more traditional establishments. Starting with a photographic exhibition, our elegant hostess, Edurne, conducted us on our VIP tour through the immaculate winemaking areas. Although Roda cultivates 20 vineyards, all of bush vines, each year only the best 17 are chosen, and these grapes then fermented in the 17 vast tanks.

2015_Jun_Rioja-1171After malolactic fermentation in the specially designed bioclimatic cellar, the aging barrels are stored in deeper underground chambers, some purpose built, and some in ancient tunnels hewn out of the rock over a century before, the remains of an older disused winery on the site.


The transition from the high-tech modern bodega spaces to the 19th century cellars provides an interesting contrast. At one end of the cellars, there is a dedicated area which is linked to the Bodega’s wine bar. At the other end, there is an exit to a private dining terrace overlooking the river. It was here that we enjoyed our wine-tasting and VIP lunch accompanied by Roda’s four fine red wines, Sela, Roda, Roda 1, and their flagship wine, Cirsion. Cirsion is made from specially selected grapesassessed for maturity by the level of polymerisation of the tannins in the grapes, all from vines older than 45 years old, 100% Tempranillo

Traditional versus Modern Rioja has been the subject of much debate and discussion over recent times, and while we visited two traditional wineries on this tour, as well as two modern ones, it was this contemporary establishment of Roda that stole our hearts and brought a tear to our eyes, not just because of their exceptional Cirsion, but because of all four of their wines in synergy. My reviews of each of these wines on Vivino can be read below.

Bodegas Roda Sela 2012: 

A fabulous VIP visit to Bodegas Roda, the youngest of the Harò wineries, founded in 1987. They handpick all grapes which are all grown on Bush Vines! 20 vineyards, of which they select the best 17 each year which they ferment individually in their 17 fermentation tanks. All reds. Sela is their entry level wine, still from 15-30 yo vines, 96% Tempranillo, 3% Graciana, 1% Garnacha. Medium nose of cherry, plums & cassis. Dry, medium acidity, smooth medium tannins, beautifully balanced; flavours of cherry and redcurrants, long finish. Exceptional wine at this price bracket. Delightful with mini-tostados with olive oil, and cold Spanish meats…


Roda Rioja Reserva 2010: 

During the ageing process, the individual vineyards are sampled from the barrels to assess which have a tendency to red fruits, & which to black… Roda Reserva is the red fruit option. 90% Tempranillo, 10% Graciano. Medium Ruby colour, medium nose of red cherry & raspberry. Dry, medium acidity, well-integrated tannins, intense cherry flavours + raspberry & some oak. A beautiful wine offering exceptional value for money. When paired with bread & olive oil a synergistic explosion of flavour. Long finish.


Roda 1 Rioja Reserva 2007: 

3rd of 4 from Roda. Might keep the 4th for my 300th review, it’s that good! If you read my last review for Roda Reserva you will understand that this one is all geared to the black fruit… All bush vines! By the way, it was my birthday on Friday, no better way to spend it than a day in Harò with a VIP lunch at Roda overlooking the Ebro… 100% Tempranillo. Pronounced nose of deep ripe plums and violets. Dry, high acidity, full of body with high silky tannins. Flavours of blackberry, black cherry & plum, paired with cold Spanish meats, Tortilla Española and cheese. A long happy birthday of a finish.


Roda Cirsion 2010: 

My 300th review on Vivino! You’ve already seen my ramblings from our visit to Roda, and this, my friends, was the highlight of the Rioja tour… Highlight of my year so far! This beautiful wine is made from selected bunches of grapes from selected old vines which have been tested for maturity in the lab by assessing the level of polymerisation in the seeds, I believe… So although young, the quality and maturity of the grapes themselves results in the production of this exceptional wine. 

Only 6-8 months in new French oak, followed by 1 year in the bottle before release. Deep ruby colour, almost opaque; intense nose of black fruits and violets, chocolate & mint with earthy notes, stunning! Tear in my eye!

On the palate, full-bodied, med+ acidity, high in velvety tannin, blackberry, blackcurrant, chocolate, tobacco & earthiness all in perfect harmony. So elegant, so emotional… I feel so honoured and privileged to taste this truly exceptional wine.

We look forward eagerly to our next visit to Bodegas Roda, which will be in April 2016. If you would like to find out more about this wine tour to Rioja, please call us on +44 1752 662801.